Advice on Subsidence of houses/underpinning

Many houses, particularly in North and West London are affected by subsidence due to tree root action in shrinkable clays. Buildings may also subside if they are built on infill material or if the soil structure is significantly weakened by water leaking from drains.


Most household insurance policies cover subsidence. If subsidence is suspected Tottenham & Bennett will make an inspection and prepare an initial report which can then be sent to insurers. Insurers will then usually require further investigations to be carried out, namely a site investigation to determine the soil conditions and monitoring of the cracks for a period of a year. These investigations may show that underpinning is required.


Tottenham & Bennett can arrange for specialist site investigations to be carried out, prepare contract documentation for underpinning and subsequent repair works and to tender and administer such contracts.


Examples of cracks due to subsidence of buildings are shown here.

Creek Road, SE10

Creek Road, SE10

Douglas Court, NW6Douglas Court, NW6